This is not an all-inclusive list of tasks you could do, just our recommended list of things to get you started. Hopefully one of your main goals is to join The Kansas Assembly. These steps will help with that objective.

Please read entire page before starting your journey.


Step 1

Read the Declaration of Independence

Attend weekly calls (see Step 4 below)


Step 2

Read the Constitutions

1787 Constitution
1789 Constitution
1790 Constitution

Attend weekly calls (see Step 4 below)


Step 3

Get some backstory on why you’re most likely here in the first place:


And a few more:

We Are All Incorporated
How Much Criminalization Will You Tolerate
The Identity Trap


Step 4

Our General Assembly Call – 1st & 3rd Thursday each month at 7:00pm Central

Join us online by way of

And check out other weekly calls.


Step 5

Much more learning out there, here is a smattering:

TASA Site:


Step 6

Get documents ready to record/publish

Download the ones you need, or all of them so you can compare

After changing names, etc, read each document, then read each one again, then again out loud. Doing so will help you to comprehend what each document is doing. If you still have questions as to what it’s saying, please ask.


Step 7

Record and Publish your documents

Please get with one of the Recording Secretaries for details on how and where to have your documents recorded and published.

Also see: Recording and Publishing Fees


Step 8

Read the Declaration of Independence

Yes, again! See Step 1 above for links.


Step 9

Attend Assembly Member/Business Calls

Once you are “papered up”, please join us on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7pm.


Step 10

Help / Teach Others

“The more i teach, the more i learn!” ~ Someone